So what are we really talking about here, huh?

OK, so you’ve met me. You’ve heard about the dream and its life-changing message to ‘stop catching the cat’. And you know that means choosing calm over chaos or, rather, choosing all that is good over all that does not serve you and make your life better.

You get it.

But now you’re wondering how do you do it? Especially when you’re so busy that finding five minutes to pop to the loo is challenge enough.

How do you ‘stop catching the cat?’ How do you start ‘choosing calm over chaos’?

Well, words are funny things. They can say one thing but really mean another. (Like the best people pleaser.) They can trick you into thinking you understand, only to later reveal an even bigger a-ha.

That’s what I am really doing with the sub-title and invitation of this blog: ‘Choosing calm over chaos’. It’s just another way of saying what I really mean, which is …

Choosing love over fear.

And BANG, just like that, we’re at the heart of the matter.

Choosing love over fear.

Does that feel like a big leap from calm over chaos or an obvious connection? Does it scare you or secretly thrill you that you might be on to something here?

Love over fear.

But love for whom? And fear about what?

Shall I whisper this?

Love for yourself.

And fear about not being enough.

It’s OK to cry. Or turn away. I did when I realised this truth.

You see, I have always been an anxious person. Always projecting disasters into an imaginary future. Always worrying that something bad would happen just at the point that something great was unfolding. And so I have a worker-bee kind of mind, always scurrying around, dipping into the future, dwelling in the past, worrying at problems (both real and imagined) like the proverbial dog with a bone. I know I’m not alone in this.

I could never truly relax. I could never fully exhale. I kept my shoulders tensely high and my potential for deep, bubbling-over happiness mostly at a ‘safe’ arm’s length.

I couldn’t let go. I couldn’t trust that all would be well.

I had to control it all. Surely, I thought, that was the only way? Micro-manage. Make it perfect. Fool folks into thinking I’ve got it all together.

But then my health hit me over the head. Not once. Not twice. But three times. I had tingles and numbness, so I was tested for MS. I had palpitations and odd sensations, so I was rushed off to an ER for a look at my heart. Finally, I had gut issues, thyroid troubles, hormone imbalances and food intolerances thrown in.

In every case (Every. Single. Case.), the cause was essentially stress.

Doing too much.

Worrying too much.

Rushing too much.

Thinking too much.

Cluttering too much.

Saying yes too much.

Putting myself last too much.

By the third diagnosis, I decided to sit up and take notice.

And here we are.

I had to look for answers. I had to start a journey. I had to find ways to deal with the stress that was slowly destroying my life (and frightening the pants off me). I had to find ways to calm my mind, to heal my body and to organise my home so that I could soothe my soul and learn to live a better kind of life.

I hit the books. I hit the internet. I hit my head against a metaphorical brick wall a million times. Until I finally GOT some age-old truths (truths that had been knocking on my unanswered door for a really long time it turns out):

Your outer world is a reflection of your inner world—or put another way: your thoughts create your reality. (Or put yet another way: What you focus on grows.)

When your life isn’t working (health, happiness, finances, relationships), every thought is leading back to the (very common) bottom line of ‘I am not good enough’‘I am not worthy’ … That is, until you change your thoughts.

… Until you examine your ‘story’ and question every single word of it.

… Until you decide to create a new ‘story’ and to take consistent action to embody it so strongly that you create a new reality.

… Until you believe you are good enough.

… Until you believe you are worthy.

… Until you choose love over fear.


I also uncovered these glistening gems:

The answers are within you.

Forgiveness is the answer to almost everything.

Procrastination is fear by another name.

To create change, you have to get very clear on what you want
and then take action. No getting around it.

Manifesting and affirmations do work if you do the work.

Food definitely does affect mood.

The mind-body connection is real and strong.

Choosing love over fear (being kinder to yourself and others) is a moment-by-moment practice. A journey.

So I started finding some great information, ideas and inspiration and—best of all—I started feeling better (my doctor and naturopath also contributed to that).

And so I dusted off the dream—the one that told me to ‘stop catching the cat’—and it all came together in this blog.

I want to beautifully and peacefully share with you all I have learned (and am yet to learn) so that you too might feel better and move forward, that you too might recognise how your thoughts are creating your reality, that you too might come to see that you very much have a choice, and that you too might learn to love yourself, even just a little more.

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  • Sarah
    February 11, 2015

    Great blog Nat! Very insightful, eloquently written and really useful info presented in an easy-to-understand way!

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