I’m moving (online) home

Nearly a year ago, my family and I moved across the world from Australia to the United States so my husband could spend a few years working in his company’s head office. We have three young kids, so this move was massive and unsettling and exciting all at the same time. A seismic shift in the ebb and flow of daily life.

There were two major challenges for me: uprooting our kids from their school and friends and transplanting them in an entirely new school system, and putting massive physical distance between us and our families and friends. Catch ups for coffee or dinner, and camping trips with cousins are impossible right now. Opportunities lost in exchange for opportunities taken, I know.

I had anticipated many effects of the move and was ready and willing to handle them. Shopping for new furniture and homewares, or seeing large parts of North America, are hardly a hardship.

But some effects of the move I didn’t anticipate and they took me a while to work out. Like having no sense of community, particularly at school. Who knew I’d miss the rush and tumble school run? But I now more deeply appreciate the camaraderie and friendship that builds up over years of running the same daily routine with the same cohort of parents. People knew me at home. Really knew me.

And so for the past 11 months I’ve had a full plate, in both a practical sense (settling in) and a personal growth sense (getting comfortable with major change; embracing the new and sometimes scary). And that’s why I’ve been so absent from this blog. I love saturating each post with useful links and resources, but it’s time consuming and I just haven’t been free to devote myself to the task. And to be completely honest, I really didn’t think I had anything to add to a conversation about choosing calm over chaos. I’d willingly thrown myself deep into a river of chaos and was fighting with all my might to get to shore.

But like everything in life, that phase passed and I’m seeing straight again. And I know I want to keep talking about calming down in this chaotic world, because of the huge benefits it brings to our health and wellbeing and that of those we love. Plus, I know that when women share wisdom and experiences with each other, wonderful change and comfort can bubble up.

But I also know I want to expand the conversation about calm and chaos. I want to talk about kindness as well as calm, and specifically how we can be kinder to ourselves (and others) and calmer in the world. And so I have not only moved my physical home, but my online home.

Let me introduce to you my new blog, kindercalmer.com. Kinder Calmer is all about sharing the many ways women can be kinder to themselves and calmer in the world.

As women, there are so many things we can do to feel better and move forward in greater health and happiness, if only we remember them and act on them (one of my greatest challenges). Cutting through the information overload is often the first step, and so Kinder Calmer will keep blog posts short and on point. (A challenge for a ‘long talker’ like me!)

With Kinder Calmer’s arrival comes Stop Catching the Cat’s farewell. I still love The Cat, but I really need to go simpler, shorter, sharper. Less is more, in life and words. The Cat isn’t dead; I think he has just completed one of his nine lives and is on to another one!

Thank you for your support of Stop Catching the Cat. I hope you join me at my new online home, kindercalmer.com, so we can all be kinder to ourselves (and others) and calmer in the world.

  • Anonymous
    October 26, 2016

    Can’t wait to follow your new blog! As much as I loved Stop Catching the Cat, I’m sure this new one will be just as brilliant.

  • Joey
    October 26, 2016

    Awesome!! See you in the other side for some yummy kindness & calmness co

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