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Even though the pace of life is seriously speeding up, I want to help you to seriously slow down.

I want to soak you in ideas and inspiration to help you consciously and consistently choose calm over chaos every single day.

I want to whisper long-forgotten wisdom to help you float serenely through the raging rapids of your ridiculously busy life.

I want to take you by the hand and show you there is a better way to live, to love, to let go.


I’m an often-overwhelmed mother of three, whose heart is bursting with love and joy, but whose head is so full of details, ‘to do’ lists, dramas and dilemmas, that it spins—sometimes relentlessly, always dizzyingly—with stress.

I’m also a wife, a small business owner, a sister, a daughter, a friend, a helper, a shoulder to cry on, a lap to lie on … and I get tired.

I get so tired it hurts.

You know the tired, don’t you?

You know the deep desire to give your best, your all, every day to the people who depend on you …

… to keep up with the daily demands, the deadlines, the dates on the calendar, the dishes in the sink (don’t mention the dirty laundry lining up or we’ll all need a good lie down).

And so you also know the exhaustion, the I-can’t-quite-catch-my-breath-or-the-tail-end-of-that-sentence exhaustion that might start in your neck and end in every cell of your being.


I believe we all want to feel in control. We all want to feel like we’re kicking goals. Getting things done. Doing our best. But sometimes the wheels fall off. And it’s then that we need to stop.

To breathe.

To step back.

To go inside ourselves.

To find a way to feel better and move forward.


I also believe stress is at the root of problems. And fear is at the root of stress. We’re rushing for a reason and it’s making us crazy.

We have to stop catching the cat of chaos. And start choosing the life-affirming, health-inducing, light and love of calm.

Because there is a better way to live—and you deserve it.


About NatNat

I  burn to write words for busy women so that together we might find more order in our days and peace in our hearts.

I understand what it feels like to try to outrun your ‘to do’ list AND your fear—of not doing enough, having enough, being enough.

I know what it feels like to wake up each day feeling like the marathon you finished when you flopped into bed last night didn’t actually end and is all about to start again as soon as you open your eyes.

And I get how frustrating it can be to find answers in this information-overloaded world. It’s a minefield that can quickly lead to madness if you try to follow every thread.

So I want to give you a calm little corner to come for bite-sized bits of useful information, ideas, inspiration, great reads and resources. I am not an expert in these topics, but I am an expert in finding relevant, rich information and packaging it up prettily so you can discover for yourself the topic, tip, concept or habit and start applying it to your own life, issues, pain points or purpose.

Because I believe, when it’s all boiled down, all most people want is to move forward and feel better: about themselves, their family, their body, their work, their home, their spirit, their world. They want to feel satisfied, lit up, energised, excited, content, and— most of all—loved and accepted.

We can do that together.

We can choose calm over chaos. We can choose love over fear.

Step 1 is to accept that it is a choice.



About the cat cat

The cat came to me in a dream. He kept jumping up at me; I kept catching him. Every time I caught him, he’d scratch and hiss at me until I set him free—only to have him jump right back into my arms. On and on it went, until I heard a voice delivering the most important message of my life: Stop catching the cat.

Sitting bolt upright in bed, I knew in a split second what my dream—and this capricious cat—were all about.

I had been choosing to live with fear (and all its life-sucking sidekicks: stress, anxiety, worry, overwork, overwhelm, chaos, clutter, confusion, health challenges …).

And not choosing to live with love (and all its gorgeous goodness: calmness, clarity, caring, compassion, kindness—for myself.)

And then I realised that might just be what you’re doing too.